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Terms of Service

Terms of service


Terms and Conditions

General provisions

General terms of use shall apply for every person or body (hereinafter user/buyer) visiting and using the website, found at (hereinafter website) and managed by the sole trader Irene Nose, s.p., Stari Trg 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (hereinafter provider/vendor). General terms of use have been drawn up in accordance with the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act, Personal Data Protection Act and the Electronic Communications Act. 

Application and Changes 

The general terms of use shall apply for the entire website and become effective with publication on the website. The website's users confirm acceptance of the  terms of use in force and awareness of the privacy and data protection policies.  Any user not agreeing with these terms of use shall immediately leave the website and not use it in the future. The provider reserves the right to amend some or all terms of use without prior notification. Any changes to the terms of use shall become effective with publication. 

Provider Information

This website is managed by the company Irena Nose, s.p., Stari try 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Full company name: Umetniško ustvarjanje, Irena Nose, s.p. 

Company address: Stari trg 24, 1000 Ljubljana. 

Telephone number: +386 (0)40 399 690


Tax ID number: 87065371 

Company registration number: 3424693000

The provider is not liable for value added tax. (Value Added Tax Act, Art. 94)

Legal form of organisation: Sole trader 

Information access

The provider undertakes to always enable access to the following information: 

1.) Company identity (company name and address, registration number)

2.) Contact address for rapid and effective communication (email, telephone) 

3.) Key features of goods and services (including after-sales service and warranties) 

4.) Availability of products (each product or service available on the website should be accessible in a reasonable timeframe) 

5.) Conditions for product delivery or service performance (method, time and place of delivery) 

6.) All prices should be clearly and unambiguously stated *and should indicate whether they are inclusive of tax and delivery charges. All prices are in Euro (EUR). 

7.) Payment and delivery method

8.) Offer validity

9.) Agreement cancellation timeframe and cancellation policy  

10) Appeal procedure, including information for contact person or customer service.

Website Usage

Users do not need to register to view products, surf the website or contact the provider. Without registration or purchase, no contract or contractual relationship between the provider and the user is created. The user shall be bound only by these terms of use. Only adults with full capacity to enter into a contract can register on the website. When registering, the user receives a username, which is their email address and chooses their password.  Username and password identify the user and connect them to the information entered by registration. After registration, the user is eligible to purchase from the online store and is a prospective buyer. By visiting,  ordering, or purchasing from the website, the user agrees to these Terms and Conditions. The user is reminded that they should read the terms of use with every order. By ordering, the user confirms they are aware of and accept the website's Terms of Use. Each user is obliged to use the website lawfully and in accordance with good practice, and to follow the provider's instructions and the Terms of Use. Otherwise, the provider can limit or disable  access to the website. The provider reserves the right to limit or stop access to the website for a short or indefinite period of time, to limit or stop selling some or all products, to limit or stop the access to the online store or otherwise limit the performance of the online store or make any activity conditional on fulfilling some provisions (purchases in the online store are possible for registered users only). 

Product presentation

All products presented are the independent work of the designer Irena Nose and have a handmade certificate issued by the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, Art and Craft Section, Nr. 6990-02/11. Since it is handmade, each product is unique and cannot be replicated. There can be some deviations between the actual appearance of the product  and its photo on the website. The photos indicate the virtual impression made by a product and not necessarily the actual visual appearance. Although the provider shall endeavour to ensure top quality photographs of products, there can be some deviations due to the user's hardware and software settings. All photographs on the website are symbolic and don't ensure the products' features. The provider shall endeavor to ensure that current, accurate information is published on the website. However, features, delivery timeframes or prices can  change so rapidly that the provider is not always able to update the information on the website immediately. In such cases, the provider will inform the user of the changes and allow them to cancel their order. 

Purchase procedure and order confirmation 

The user does not need to register in order to view and surf the website or to contact the provider. However, the user must register to make a purchase on the online store. Products in the online store can be searched in product groups. Products can be additionally filtered. By filtering, products are displayed according to the user's preferences. By clicking on any product, a new site is opened with a detailed description, photographs and choice of colour. Each product is presented by three photographs: a basic photo, a product detail and  photo of a model wearing a sample.  When a user wants to buy a product, they add it to the basket by clicking on it. The basket contents can be checked at any time. Products can be added or removed from the basket. 

When the order is completed, the user checks out and three steps follow: 

1. The user checks the amount and prices of all products in the basket. An unregistered user will be warned by the system to register before purchase and be guided through the registration process. Before the first purchase, all fields must be completed and registration finalised. 

2.  A user who has already made a purchase from the online store and has a username and password, must log in to the online store system. Afterwards, the user chooses  payment method, delivery method and provides a delivery address. 

3. A summary of the order is presented and delivery charges are added. By moving between order phases, the payment and delivery methods can be changed. 

Before ordering, the user is once more warned to read the General Terms of Use and to confirm that they agree to them. The user finishes ordering by clicking the button BUY NOW. By doing so they undertake to make payment. Upon successful ordering, a numbered summary of order information is displayed. The order summary can be printed out. A copy of the order information is sent to the user's email address. If the user does not receive the order copy after several hours, they should first check their Spam folder, then contact the provider if necessary. 

Purchase contract

The provider issues a printed receipt with clearly displayed prices and expenses. The cancellation process is outlined. A purchase contract in the form of an order summary is electronically saved on the provider's server and can be accessed through the user's profile. The contract is in the Slovenian language. The user can request a copy of the contract by contacting A contract is made when the buyer confirms an order by clicking the button BUY NOW.  At this time, all prices and purchase conditions are binding for both user and provider. 

Order cancellation 

The provider endeavours to process orders quickly and ensure prompt delivery of purchased products. If the user wants to cancel an order, they should do so as soon as possible and notify the provider by telephone or email at If the order has alreadly been processed and purchased products have been handed over to the delivery service, cancellation of the order is not possible. 

Payment methods 

There are three payment methods available in the online store. 

- Payment with a Paypal account, which enables safe purchasing with credit cards. 

- Advance payment can be made through online or in-person bank service with a UPN form. The payment must be made to the provider's bank account in three working days. Upon ordering, the user is sent a document to their email address with transfer information.  The order will be sent by registered mail after the payment is received, within the provided delivery timescale. 

- Cash on delivery payment means that the payment is made in cash to a postman. A post fee of 1.05 EUR must be paid for payment transfers for consignments valued less than 98 EUR. For consignments valued more than 98 EUR, a post fee of 1.7 % of consignment value is charged. The user must pay the cost of post fees in cash to the postman. 

This option is limited to orders valued less than 200 EUR. For orders above 200 EUR, Paypal, which enables credit card payment, or advance payment can be used. 

Payment by foreign users

Payment is possible through Paypal, which enables credit card payments (Mastercard, Visa, Karanta), or in advance. Payment must be made in one installment.  The products purchased are the property of the provider until  payment is made, even if the user has already received them. 


In the online store, all prices are in Euro (EUR) and are VAT-exclusive. The provider is not liable for value added tax according to the Value Added Tax Act, Art. 94, Par. 1. Product prices are valid at the time of order and/or order confirmation and do not include delivery charges.  The provider can change product prices at any time and without prior notification. If a product price has changed during order processing, the vendor will inform the buyer. The vendor  will endeavor to ensure the lower price to the user or offer them a suitable alternative to thier mutual satisfaction. Prices are valid only for the purchases made in the online store with the payment methods specified above and under the conditions specified here. Prices at other venues and at the provider's business partners' locations can differ from the prices in the online store. Users from countries other than EU members are responsible for all customs charges, including import duties according to the law of the country. The provider reserves the right to refuse an order, if it is established that the provider cannot fulfill it under the conditions and data provided. 

Delivery timeframe

Delivery time for products in stock is 7 (seven) working days. 

Delivery time for products out of stock is longer and is subject to individual agreement between provider and user. 

The provider reserves the right to cancel an order if: 

- it is established that they can not fulfill it under the conditions and data provided; 

- a technical or other fault has occurred during inventory taking;

- an obvious mistake was made in the price list. 

If the user has already made advance payment, the provider will return the payment within 8 days, including delivery charges. The provider shall deliver products ordered within 45 days or less after order confirmation has been e-mailed. The provider is not liable if late delivery is a consequence of unforeseen events, irrespective of whether they are external events or the responsibility of the provider. Delivery times are valid for orders in Slovenia. Final delivery time depends on the post service provider, which is Slovenia Post. 

Delivery charges

In addition to the cost of purchase, the user must pay delivery charges. The provider covers delivery charges for purchases valued more than 50 EUR. If the user chooses cash on delivery payment, they must pay a post fee for payment transfer to provider. The provider does not send purchased products to post office boxes. A complete shipping address has to be given. Delivery services are provided by Slovenia Post. Ordered products in stock are sent within seven working days. Slovenia Post reserves the right to deliver a consignment within three working days after receiving it. Delivery charges depend on the weight and size of a consignment. Delivery charges given are valid for shipping addresses within Slovenia. The user will be informed of delivery expenses upon ordering. 

Delivery service                               VAT-inclusive price

Registered mail in a jiffy bag (less than 500 g)              2,5 EUR

Registered mail in a jiffy bag (less than 1000 g)                  5 EUR

Parcel delivery (2 kg)                             5 EUR

A user choosing cash on delivery payment is charged an additional post fee of 1.05 EUR by Slovenia Post for consignments valued less than 98 EUR. A post fee of 1.7 % of consignment value is charged for consignments valued more than 98 EUR. 

Delivery to foreign addresses 

Delivery services to foreign countries are provided by Post of Slovenia. 

Delivery expenses for foreign addresses:              VAT-inclusive price

Within the European Union                                           5 EUR

Outside the European Union                                         10 EUR

Return of goods and complaints 

A user has the right to inform the company Irena Nose, s.p., (via email or in writing) within 14 days that they  wish to cancel the contract, without reason.  The payment will be returned to the user's bank account as soon as possible and not later than 30 days after receiving notice of cancellation. If the user has already received the goods and withdraws from the contract, they must return the goods to the vendor within 14 days after cancellation. In this case, the buyer returns undamaged goods in original packaging by registered mail, at their own expense to the address - Irena Nose, s.p., Stari trg 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.  Returned goods must be undamaged, unless such damage is not the fault of the user. Cancellation of contract  is not possible for goods made to order.  

Data security

The provider undertakes to permanently secure all personal data. Personal data will be used exclusively for sending informational and promotional materials, offers, receipts and for communication about orders made by the user. Users' personal data will not be forwarded to unauthorised persons. Click here for more information.

Disclaimer of Liability 

The provider makes no warranties for accuracy and completeness of the information, text and images on this site. The provider shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user as a result of their reliance on the published content of this site.  The provider shall not be liable for any damage to the user's hardware and software arising from visiting or using the website and the online store, or any damage associated with the products purchased in the online store. The user must ensure safe access to the website (antivirus software, secure saving of information about user accounts etc.). The provider shall not be liable for any faults, except on products. The provider shall not be liable for any damage arising to the user or a third pary using products purchased from the online store. The provider gives no warranties for the smooth functioning of the website and shall not be liable for any damage arising from unavailability or incorrect functioning of the website. The provider is not responsible for any third party websites and their content, linked to the website 

Intellectual property rights

ALL content of this website is protected by copyright and is the property of the provider and other authors where specified. All material (texts, photographs, graphic elements etc.) is protected under the Slovenian Copyright Act and reproduction or use of any of them is not allowed  without prior written consent of their respective authors. The brand and logo Irena Nose are the property of the company Irena Nose, s.p., and are protected by copyright. A detailed list of copyright holders of individual contents on the website is available on the subpage Copyright and Authors. 

Complaints and Disputes

The provider shall respect the consumer protection laws. The provider shall establish an efficient system for processing complaints.  The user can make contact by telephone or email when problems arise. The provider will confirm receipt of a complaint within five working days and provide information to the user as to the process. The provider is aware that in consumer disputes (as far as judicial settlements are concerned), there is a great disproportion between the value of a claim and legal expenses. This is a major obstacle for a user to filing a claim. Therefore, the provider strives to arrive at an amicable resolution to any dispute. The Law of the Republic of Slovenia shall apply to the legal relationship between users and the provider. Any disputes shall fall within the jurisdiction of the court of Ljubljana.  

Terms of use valid from 15 December 2014. 


Privacy policy and personal data protection 

General terms

This privacy policy and personal data protection shall apply to every user who is defined as a user in the General Terms and Conditions of the website and for the entire website and its parts. Terms like User, Provider, Website, Vendor, Buyer etc. have the same meaning as in the General Terms and Conditions of the website By using this website, the User confirms to accept and agree to all terms of this policy. The Provider asks all Users who do not agree with this policy, its changes and amendments, to leave the website and not use it in the future. The Provider undertakes to protect the personal data privacy and the privacy of website users, and to use and process the information obtained in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (OG RS, 59/99).

Data collection

Users' personal data are obtained by registering and/or purchasing in the webstore or by sending an email to the Provider. Personal data are transmitted voluntarily by Users themselves. A User is responsible for the accuracy of the data transmitted or entered at registration on the website. The Provider collects, records, processes and saves the following information about the User: 

- if the User is a person: name and surname, residential address, delivery address if different than residential address (street and number, postal code, city, country), email address (the same as username), password (coded) and phone number. 

- if the User is a legal entity: company name, name and surname of the statutory representative or of a person empowered, tax ID number, head office address (street and number, postal code, city, country), delivery address if different than head office address, email address (the same as username), password (coded) and phone number of a contact person. 


The website makes use of cookies for the needs of business and for smooth functioning. Each User gets a session cookie upon visiting a website, which helps with identification and tracking a cart. The session cookie is stored in the server memory only for the time of visiting the website and is deleted within one hour after the user leaving the website.  

The Provider collects IP-addresses of access networks, date and time of access and addresses of other access websites. The data collected do not enable identification of users. 

A User can limit or disable cookies at any time by changing the settings of their internet browser. However, the Provider reserves the right that some parts or functionalities of the website will not be accessible to the User. 

Processing  and usage of personal data

Sending of personal data is voluntary. If a User does not want to disclose their personal data which are defined as mandatory, the Provider cannot enable the full functionality of the website (e.g. purchasing at the web store). 

The Provider guarantees not to forward personal data about registered users to unauthorized third parties. 

The Provider shall use collected data about users for the following purposes, for which they have been submitted, namely: 

− For answering questions that have been addressed to her (by email, by phone or in writing); 

− For execution of orders made by Users, for completion of contractual obligations, for sending offers, receipts or other communication needed for execution of orders; 

− For sending periodical emails with website content of a commercial or non-commercial nature; 

− For statistical and other analyses, where the Provider uses data in an anonymous summary account. 

The User is aware and agrees that the Provider may forward individual tasks regarding the collected data to third parties (for example information needed to deliver purchased products to delivery service providers; information needed for return of purchase money in case of withdrawal from the contract  etc.). Authorized employees of the companies involved have access to the data. Third parties may process personal data with the Provider's authorization only and in accordance with the purposes of use that are defined above.  

Data protection and time of storage 

The Provider stores all data about users in accordance with this policy and with the personal data protection law of the Republic of Slovenia. The provider shall not forward personal or other data to third parties, unless there is legal ground for doing so, or in good fath that this is needed for legal or other proceedings, and for protection and pursuing legal interests of the Provider. 

The User is aware and agrees that the Provider stores their data transmitted at registration, until the User has the status of a registered User and one year after cessation of this status. Other data can be stored until the purpose for which they have been obtained is fulfilled. 

Rights of Users 

The Provider shall provide the User with a simple way of unsubscribing from the email campaigns. The User can change or update their personal data at any time directly at the website. The User can request information about whether the Provider collects and/or processes the data about them by sending an email to The request can be submitted once in 3 months. The Provider has the right to request proof of identification from the User requesting the information. If the Provider has doubts about their identity, the request can be denied. The User can request to premanently delete all the data about them by sending an email to The Provider has the right to request proof of identification from the user requesting the deletion. If the Provider has doubts about their identity, the request can be denied. The User is aware and agrees that they lose the statues of a Registered User after the deletion of data about them, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of the website 


The Provider shall not be responsible for any damage that could arise from the User sending incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date information to the Provider at registration or later. The Provider shall not be responsible for the damage that could arise from the User using the website in an irregular or illegal way. The Provider shall not be responsible for any damage that could arise from the User not prudently protecting their username and password. 

Settlement of disputes

For legal relationships between the User and the Provider, the law of the Republic of Slovenia shall apply. The Court with material jurisdiction in Ljubljana, the Republic of Slovenia, has competence to resolve possible legal disputes.

Final provisions

This policy can be changed or amended anytime without prior warning or notification. The User confirms their agreement to any changes by using this website after such change, This policy valid since 15 December 2014. 



A cookie is a small file; it usually contains a sequence of letters and numbers and is downloaded to a User's computer when visiting a website. On every repeated visit, the website will obtain information about the downloaded cookie and identify the user. Cookies are imporant for website functioning and improving User experience. (Reference: Guidance on use of cookies, author: Information Commisioner of the Republic of Slovenia). The website does not use cookies which infringe on your privacy. 

Managing cookies in a browser 

The majority of web browsers automatically accept cookies. The validity of cookies may be short-term or long-term.  After validity expiration the cookies are automatically deleted. The User can manually delete all cookies or cookies of a certain domain.  Moreover they can entirely disable cookies in the browser. Instructions for deleting and/or disabling cookies can be found on browsers' respective websites. If you entirely disable the use of cookies, proper functioning of the website will not be possible.