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Graphic design: Špela Drašlar

Technical production & programming: Tomaž Omejc

Text: Irena Nose and Irena Čotar


Models: Emma Golles and Taja Popović



The website is the intellectual property of the company Irena Nose, s.p. and of its authors. All parts and contents of the website are protected by copyright.  Any action that would infringe on copyright of the website is forbidden. The logo, the name of the website and texts are the property of the company Irena Nose, s.p., Stari trg 24, 1000 Ljubljana. Illustrative matter is protected by copyright and is the property of their respective authors. 



Photos on the subpage Webstore (white background): Iva Renčelj

Photos on the subpage Webstore (featured on models) Mankica Kranjec, the model: Emma Gollas


Photos on the subpage WEDDING JEWELLERY are copyrighted property of their respective photographers and photo studios. 

1st line: Boštjan Jamšek

2nd line: Matevž Cerar and Benjamin Lah

3rd line: Dobran Laznik and Simon Prosenc, Aperturia weddings 

4th line: Miha Merljak

5th line: Tomislav Urh

6th line: Primož Oblak

7th line: Gordana Grlič, foto Pauli

8th line: Tadej Majhenič, Foto studio Majhenič

9th line: Ivan Pavlakovič 

10th line: Jana Šnuderl, JS poroke