Payment Methods

There are three payment methods avaliable in the webstore. You can choose one during purchasing process. Paypal payment is a safe and reliable payment method. You can use your Paypal account or pay via credit card.   Advance payment is a payment via online bank account or personally at a bank with a UPN form. Upon ordering, you will receive a document with transfer information to your email address.  After the payment is transferred, the order will be sent by registered mail. Products will be held for three days. Cash on delivery payment means that you pay the purchase price and postage costs to a post office employee upon delivery to your address. If you are not avaliable at the time of delivery, your will receive a notification about the packet in your letter box.  You can pay the delivery at your post office and receive your package. Important! In addition to postage costs you will be charged the costs of a money transaction (as in money order form payments at a bank or a post office). Post fee for addresses in Slovenia is 1.05 EUR for consignments valued less than 98 EUR. For consignments valued more than 98 EUR, a post fee of 1.7 % of consignment value is charged.



Deliveries for orders valued more than 50 EUR are free of charge. Delivery services are provided by Post of Slovenia. Ordered products in stock are sent within seven working days. Delivery charges depend on the weight and size of a consignment.

Delivery charges presented are valid for shipping addresses within Slovenia. 

Delivery service                                          VAT-inclusive price

Registered letter in a jiffy bag (less than 500 g)              2,5 EUR

Registered letter in a jiffy bag (less than 1000 g)                5 EUR

Parcel delivery (2 kg)                             5 EUR

If you choose cash on delivery payment, an additional post fee of 1.05 EUR by Post of Slovenia for consignments valued less than 98 EUR is charged. A post fee of 1.7 % of consignment value is charged for consignments valued more than 98 EUR.



You can return or exchange all products without explanation. Any customer not satisfied with their purchase, can return it within 14 days from the date of delivery. You can use a return form. Products must be returned unused and in original packaging by REGISTERED LETTER to our address in 30 days from the day of your notification. The original receipt must be attached to the consignment. Your bank account number is needed to return the purchase money. It will be transferred to you as soon as possible. Your only expense in returning products are postage costs. 


Gift Vouchers

A gift certificate is valid one year from the date of purchase and may be used as payment at   A gift certificate is not convertible into cash.  You can order a unique piece of jewellery by arrangement with the designer. 


Jewellery Handling Tips

Jewellery should be kept in a dry and dark place. It must not be exposed to strong light, great temperature changes, chemicals or perfumes. Jewellery should be protected from mechanical lesions. You should not place jewellery pieces on top of each other. Each piece should be kept separately from others in a proper container. Surgical steel does not change its colour.  However, silver does darken, and it should be periodically cleaned. You should use protective silicon caps for earrings, so you will not lose them.